Portraits of your favorite furry faces, because, let's be honest, animals are so much better than humans.

Hello and thank you for checking out our shop! I'm Britney, owner and artist behind That Furry Face. I operate this shop, as well as a booth at local markets, with the help of my pitbull-mix and a few of our friends. The story of this shop is really the story of Brock, because his adorable face is the one that inspired all of this.

It was the end of Summer, 2015. I had quit my comfortable, stable job earlier in the year and started my own business, Just Go Home Design. Working from home was lonely, and too quiet, so I started looking online at local rescues. I had always worked full time, commuting to San Francisco so owning a dog had never been possible in my adult life. Having just moved to a large house with a substantial yard, coupled with my new lifestyle, I really had no excuses left. I headed out one Saturday to get to know some potential new best friends.
Brock was waiting for me, close to home, at the Humane Society of the North Bay. I took him home, a little nervous about his breed but he turned out to be just a chunky little six-month old snuggle bug. Now hes a giant love monster I call Broccoli, Broccolini, Baby Bear and Sockley (he's a serious sock theif). I had forgotten how much I adore dogs and how incredible it is to share your life with one. Everyday is a learning experience filled with kisses and endless cuddles. He's my perfect angel baby and his face makes me happier than anything else in the world.
I created my first portrait of Brock in September of 2015. The amount excitement around the portraits was surprising, so I added them to my product line and, by the end of the year I had created hundreds of them. The digial format means we can "ship" with ease and Etsy has brought in customers from all over the world.

My intense love for Brock is not something unique to our relationship. If you are reading this you probably know exactly how I feel, except you feel it for your own dog or cat (or guinea pig, turtle, snake, horse, pig, ferrett...) and that is why I started making these portraits. The joy inspired by our pets is such a wonderful feeling and I love spreading that happiness around the world.

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